Trump is reveling in 'hysteria' he's creating with his military parade: Gen. Barry McCaffrey
Gen. Barry McCaffrey, U.S. Army (ret.) on MSNBC (screengrab)

Appearing on MSNBC to discuss Donald Trump's use of military hardware to puff up the Washington, D.C., Fourth of July celebration he hijacked from the National Parks Service, former Gen. Barry McCaffrey said the president is likely enjoying the "hysteria" he has created.

Speaking with host Kendis Gibson, McCaffrey expressed hope that the president will keep his remarks about the country and not turn his speech into an advertisement for himself.

"The armed forces do not want to get drawn into a politically divisive event," the retired general explained. "We have laws prohibiting us from endorsing, from participating in political events and that's the only concern."

"There is an element of hysteria about the whole day which I think the president probably likes," he added before admitting that, "Two tanks and two Bradley fighting vehicles are hardly the stuff of Red Square."

McCaffery then went on to caution the president.

"It's a jarring change from the past when we just had that wonderful evening concert of patriotism and songs down in the Capitol Hill," he remarked. "You know, again, the only question is will the president use it as a campaign rally attacking people. My guess is no -- he'll recognize the critics are ready to pounce anyway. So, you know, let's keep our fingers crossed."

Watch below: