Trump's kids skipping out on president's Fourth of July celebration as rain soaks area: CNN
Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. -- Trump campaign

President Donald Trump was insistent that huge crowds and VIPs be on hand for what he hoped would be a massive rally. The Trump family, however, is taking a backseat.

Normally, the first lady would host a large White House event with food and a gathering of government officials and friends. Instead, the Trump administration decided to hold the rally.

"The other adult Trump children we saw so much of, there’s Ivanka Trump, of course in the news last week for her attendance over in Asia. She will not be there," said CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett. "Apparently — neither will Donald Trump, Jr., neither will Eric Trump. The other Trump adult child would be Tiffany Trump. She’s expected to attend."

The younger Trump attends law school at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

"It’s certainly not the Trump family celebration," Bennett continued. "It’s just — appears that this is a break for Mrs. Trump during her summer festivities. She likes to plan these things. This is a picnic typically that happens at the White House as it has for years and years."

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