WATCH: Kellyanne Conway snarls US media is no different than Russian hackers in ugly exchange with reporters
Kellyanne Conway -- screenshot

During a brief press availability outside the White House, senior Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway took an ugly shot at the U.S. media, comparing reporters to Russian hackers trying to subvert democracy.

Asked whether the president is taking reports of possible hacking of the 2020 election seriously, the always combative Conway felt the need to attack the assembled reporters.

"Well, we want secure elections," she retorted. "We don't want anyone to interfere with them whether they're foreign governments or the domestic press corp."

When reporters protested  and asked what she meant by "domestic press corp," she snapped back, "You know what it means."

She then complained about reports before the 2016 election that showed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would win.

Watch below: