WATCH: Trump blurts out a massive lie about Dem congresswomen -- after being asked about Melania
President Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump on Friday falsely accused Democratic congresswomen of using the phrase "evil Jews."

Trump ignited a firestorm over the weekend after saying that the congresswomen of color should "go back" to their countries of origin. At a rally on Wednesday, his supporters chanted "send her back" after Trump attacked one of them, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

But on Friday, Trump insisted the congresswomen were the real racists.

"You know what is racist to me? When somebody goes out and says the horrible things about our country, the people of our country, that are anti-Semitic, that hate everybody, that speak with scorn and hate -- that to me is really a very dangerous thing," Trump said.

"I think these four congresswomen, and I can say some worse than others, but if you look at the statements that they have made, when they call the people of our country and our country garbage, when they hit Israel the way they have hit Israel so hard, so horrible, I think to me that is a disgrace. We should never forget it. We’re dealing with people that hate our country."

Later, the president was asked what his wife thought of the situation.

"The first lady feels very strongly about our country," Trump replied. "The first lady thinks that it’s horrible what they said about Israel and horrible what they said about our country, these congresswomen. They cannot call our country and our people garbage. They can't be anti-Semitic. They can’t talk about evil Jews, which is what they say, evil Jews. That’s what the first lady thinks."

CNN's fact-checker Daniel Dale, however, was quick to note that the women have never said such a thing.

Watch video of Trump's comments below: