‘One of the worst’: Trump attacks reporter for revealing Mueller testified about future indictments
Furious Donald Trump lashes out at reporters (Photo: Screen capture)

When speaking to the press after special counsel Robert Mueller's hearings Wednesday, Trump said that Mueller did not testify that the president could still be indicted after he's out of office.

Trump attacked the reporter who asked whether he feared being indicted, shouting "fake news" and saying the reporter was "one of the worst."

"You're fake news and you're at the top of the list also!" Trump said angrily. "Let me tell you. Go back to -- it's not what he said. Read his correction. Read his correction. If you read his correction, you'll find out. That's why people don't deal with you. You're not an honest reporter."

In fact, Mueller answered that question specifically, saying that Trump could be indicted after leaving office according to the Office of Legal Counsel decision. He wasn't saying that Trump should be indicted or Trump will be indicted, but that while president, he cannot be indicted according to the OLC opinion. After he leaves office, he can be indicted.

Trump said he can't be indicted because he "did nothing wrong." In fact, anyone can be indicted, and the court would decide his innocence or guilt.

Trump also declared himself pleased by the hearings, which he said earlier in the week he "probably" wasn't going to watch.

"We had a very good day today, the Republican Party," Trump told the press pool. "There was no defense of what Robert Mueller was trying to defend. ... There was no defense to this ridiculous hoax, this witch hunt."

Mueller also testified that it was "not a witch hunt."

After saying he was pleased by the hearing, he then said that Mueller did a "terrible job" with his investigation.

"Today proved a lot to everybody," Trump continued.

Trump also told the press that the TV networks aren't doing much on the hearing tonight because there's nothing to say. In fact, the networks all have programming and will likely be covering the hearings for most of the night.

Continuing, Trump blamed the media and the Democrats for "collusion" on the "witch hunt."

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