White security guard pulls gun on black on-duty sheriff’s deputy because he was armed

WTVG reported that a white security officer at the IRS building in Toledo, Ohio, is facing a charge for aggravated menacing after he pulled his gun on Alan Gaston, a black Lucas County sheriff's deputy.

The reason? Gaston was armed.

He was also, however, clearly in uniform with his badge visible, indicating him as an on-duty law enforcement officer. The guard drew his weapon after Gaston told him he couldn't leave his sidearm outside the premises.

"Basically preparing myself to be shot at that moment. Bracing for a shot in my back," said Gaston, who works as a defense instructor and who says he only came to the building to ask about a letter he received from the IRS.

The security cameras show the guard forcing Gaston from the building with the gun drawn and his finger on the trigger.

The incident, which was first reported last Wednesday, marks the latest in a string of high-profile controversies in which black people are threatened for going about mundane business in their jobs or personal lives — incidents that have clearly been going on since the America has existed as a nation, but which are more visible than ever with the advent of the internet.

Watch below: