White woman threatens to call cops on black man after he splashes her car with water during rainstorm
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In yet another story of a white woman having a meltdown because a black person was doing, well, basically nothing, BET reports that a black man driving down   a flooded street during a rainstorm was threatened by a white woman saying she would report him to the police for splashing her car.

Or, as the poster of the viral video, @sewellwells wrote on Instagram: "So this LADY  bout to call the COPS  on me cause my Car wet her Car."

As he explained in the video, "Cars is taking they time driving through the flood, and this one car was driving down the middle. So I go right past her, [and it] happened to be her window was down, so as I ride past her, I guess the water splashed up in her car.”

“You just got my car soaking wet, you’re driving through the flooded area, you could’ve damaged my car,” the woman can be heard shouting. “You got my car soaking wet, I’m going to write your license plate.”

As the woman rolls up her window, sewellwells called out to the woman, “Roll your window up before I wet it again. You going to tell the police I wet your car?! Stupid!”

You can watch the video below:

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