'Worst ever!': Washington covered in smoke from Trump's failed fireworks display
Smoke covers Washington, DC from fireworks (Photo: @Daserickson1/Twitter)

If Washingtonians were atop a building, far above the city, or watching at home on television, the city-wide fireworks display was easily seen. However, for those sitting on the National Mall, the massive display created so much smoke that half of the show was obscured.

Viewers in the city and visiting from around the country had hoped for the world's biggest fireworks display, as promised by President Donald Trump.

The man who typically does the display was joined by Grucci Fireworks.

With a tough day of weather, low-hanging clouds made for a lower ceiling where the display could appear in the skies.

Understandably, there were a lot of complaints. Had the fireworks been the normal size, viewers wondered if they would have been better if the president hadn't doubled the display.

It also caused so much smoke that it wafted through the city and even after 11:00 p.m. EST, the smoke was still going through the streets. Residents called it a "classic TrumpFAIL"

You can see the complaints below: