As many as 20 corrections officers have been subpoenaed by grand jury investigating Jeffrey Epstein's suicide
Jeffrey Epstein (Photo: Screen cap).

According to sources interviewed by CNN, as many as 20 correctional officers are being called to testify before the grand jury investigating how Jeffrey Epstein was able to kill himself.

It was reported late Wednesday that there were eight officers who knew to watch Epstein while he was housed in the Metropolitan Correctional Center. Epstein had left "suicide watch" after an alleged suicide attempt, and he was supposed to remain under the watchful eye of officers. However, the officers are overworked and the prison understaffed, requiring officers to work several overtime shifts, the officer's union explained.

"Investigators want to talk to the lieutenants who were in charge that night to get details on rounds that were not made, the source said," according to CNN.

Epstein went unchecked for three hours when he was supposed to be checked every 30 minutes.

The 66-year-old hedge funder was arrested and charged with child sex trafficking after years of accusations that he was running a sex ring with young girls for his rich and famous pals.

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