Bill Maher rips Trump’s recession -- says new slogan should be ‘Make America Atlantic City Again’
Bill Maher on HBO/Screenshot

The host of "Real Time" on HBO sarcastically mocked President Donald Trump for being a "financial genius" as the nation braces for a recession.

Comedian Bill Mayer began by noting that Trump "wants to buy Greenland and rename it New Ivanka" the president's "two Nurenberg rallies."

But he quickly moved to discuss the stock market turmoil.

"Trump, the financial genius, is driving the economy off a cliff," he said.

"Make America Atlantic City Again," should be his new slogan.

"Did you see what happened to the stock market this week? I spent more time gasping for breath than Jeffrey Epstein," Maher added.


Maher from Bob Brigham on Vimeo.