#BoycottJimmyJohns trends after photo resurfaces showing restaurant's owner with thumbs-up next to dead elephant

The hashtag #BoycottJimmyJohns started to gain traction this Friday after an old photo of the fast-food chain's owner resurfaced, showing him sitting on a dead elephant he killed with both thumbs up.

The hashtag was sparked by Twitter personality and animal advocate Brother Nature, who retweeted the photo and declared, "We boycotting Jimmy Johns."


The man in the photo is Jimmy John Liautaud, who founded the sandwich chain in 1983, Newsweek reports.

Amongst the wave of tweets that followed Brother Nature's initial post, one person shared additional images of Liautaud posing with dead animals.


"The owner of Jimmy Johns is a repeat offender," activist Simran Jeet Singh tweeted. "Feel free to stop buying his sandwiches and funding his inhumane exploits."

John Liautaud's penchant for killing exotic animals has been known for years. As Snopes.com pointed out back in 2015, the magazine The Hunting Report documented several of Liautaud’s hunts "for animals such as wolf, Rhinoceros, deer, and Lynx," as well as "elephant, buffalo, and zebra."