Chinese news site run in US hired Republican strategist to help them get in good with Trump and his supporters
NBC reporter Brandy Zadrozny (Photo: Screen capture)

NBC News broke a huge story that detailed the way that the Chinese news website The Epoch Times has turned from their conservative conspiracy theories to promoting President Donald Trump and running ads for him on Facebook. But the reporter revealed in an interview with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Tuesday, that the site recently decided to begin running its own political operation.

She described the site like a kind of troll farm where the young "reporters" they hired are forced to churn out many articles each day. They've always been a conservative site that opposes things like homosexuality and pop music, but now they're hoping to capitalize on evangelicals.

"So it makes sense, right, that this moment in which we’re very polarized and evangelicals are very close to Trump why this group, which shares a lot with evangelicals, in terms of their world view, why they would align themselves with Trump in that way," said NBC reporter Brandy Zadrozny. "So they hitched their wagon to Trump’s star and it really paid off."

When Trump was elected they decided to make their move and capitalize off of conservatism.

"I found out today that they hired a Republican strategist and said, 'We want to be closer to the administration,'" Zadrozny continued. "'We want to be closer to the government in general. We want to be closer to conservative media.' And that Republican strategist brought them to CPAC for the first time. Got them interviews. Started wrangling people like Candace Owens and Diamond and Silk and Mark Meadows. And that kind of put them on the conservative stage as well."

Watch the full interview below: