CNN busts Trump 2020 official for lying about president's response to fan who wanted to shoot immigrants
Trump 2020 director of strategic communications Marc Lotter (Screen cap).

CNN's Jim Sciutto on Tuesday busted Trump 2020 director of strategic communications Marc Lotter for blatantly lying about President Donald Trump's response to a supporter who talked about shooting immigrants.

Sciutto started out by playing a clip of Trump at a Florida campaign rally earlier this year in which he rhetorically asked his audience, "How do you stop these people," referring to undocumented immigrants.

A man in the crowd yells, "Shoot them!" and the president laughs and then says you can only get away with shooting immigrants "in the [Florida] panhandle."

"Is that an appropriate response from a sitting president?" Sciutto asked Lotter.

"I think when you show the entire context, which you just mentioned, Jim, the president said that we're not a country that uses weapons against people who are coming across our border illegally," he replied.

"He laughed, Marc!" Sciutto replied. "The president laughed!"

"He was dismissive of [the suggestion to shoot immigrants]," Lotter insisted.

"He was laughing," Sciutto replied.

Watch the video below.