Danish media buries Trump's 'complete catastrophe' plan to buy Greenland: 'He shoots himself in the foot'
President Donald Turmp, left, and Greenland, right

President Donald Trump is reportedly very interested in buying Greenland from the Danish government -- and Copenhagen-based newspaper Berlingske is having a field day mocking him over it.

In the wake of a Wall Street Journal report about the president instructing his advisers to come up with a way to buy Greenland from Denmark, the Danish publication has written multiple articles deriding the president for believing its government will be eager to hand him such a massive piece of territory.

One piece in Berlingske, for example, talked with multiple experts about the feasibility of buying Greenland and was headlined, "Eksperter om Trumps forslag: Han skyder sig selv i foden," which roughly translates to, "Experts on Trump's proposal: He shoots himself in the foot."

The paper's leading editorial of the day, meanwhile, is titled "Nej, Donald Trump kan ikke bare købe Grønland, men..." -- or "No, Donald Trump can't just buy Greenland, but..." -- and it included references to Trump's "circus" presidency.

Another article on the Trump-Greenland plan measured the Danish Parliament's reaction the news and found that lawmakers believed it to be "crazy, awful, insecure, absurd."

And an article discussing Americans' reaction to the Trump-Greenland news was simply headlined, "Amerikanere måber over Trumps ønske om at købe Grønland: 'Det er en komplet katastrofe,'" which translates to "Americans speak out on Trump's desire to by Greenland: 'It's a complete catastrophe.'"