'Do something!' Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine drowned out by angry mourners after Dayton massacre
Gov. Mike DeWine (WCMH)

Ohio's Republican Gov. Mike DeWine was shouted down by an angry crowd of mourners after a mass shooting in Dayton.

The governor tried to comfort a large crowd gathered in the city's Oregon District, where a 24-year-old gunman killed his sister and eight others early Sunday, but the mourners urged DeWine to take action to end gun violence, reported the Cincinnati Enquirer.

"Do something!" the crowd chanted over and over.

The chants grew as DeWine tried to speak, but he was drowned out and struggled to continue.

"We're here tonight because we know that we cannot... we know that we cannot... ease the pain of those families who have lost someone," DeWine said. "We also know that we want to do something."

DeWine has been pushing a "red flag law" that would allow police or family members to petition a court to remove firearms from those who are determined to be dangerous, but the state's GOP-controlled legislature has shown little interest in gun safety.