Epstein's 'bizarre' treatment during stay in jail filled with multiple oddities: Washington Post investigative reporter
Jeffrey Epstein -- (Photo: Screen capture)

Appearing with MSNBC host Joy Reid, Washington Post investigative reporter Carol Leoning noted multiple irregularities in the way convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was treated while in jail that may have contributed to his death.

During her appearance on "AM Joy," Leoning was asked about the facility and what measures are taken to prevent suicides.

"I'm not an expert on this facility, but I believe there are a lot of protections to prevent this kind of thing from happening," she confessed. "We just don't know enough yet to say how it happened just as we still don't know, two weeks later, what happened on July 23rd. I think that, you know, it's scary and worrisome for conspiracy theorists to spread rumors about what could or should have happened, but it is reasonable to ask the question what do we know, what do the tapes show and when was the last time somebody saw him alive?"

"My understanding is if someone exhibits suicidal ideation and they attempt to actually hurt themselves, they would then be on suicide watch, and it wouldn't be brief," Reid prompted. "There'd be a constant monitoring of that person. Does it read as logical to you someone this famous being accused of predation on children -- which normally can lead to violence against you in prison, these are people targeted, people who allegedly molest kids -- would it make sense to you to take someone like that who's that high profile off suicide watch?"

"No. I mean, everything about this, Joy, is so odd," Leoning remarked. "The July 23rd incident is a red flag. The fact he was in a cell with a roommate who is about four times his size and is an accused -- a former police officer who's accused of killing four people -- the fact that was his roommate is also odd."

"Again, that's back to July 23rd. I don't know understand how they run the prison. I just know these things sort of stand out as bizarre, and now he's dead an, honestly for his victims, you know, what in the world should they feel at this moment?" she added.

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