Another active shooter report terrorized Texans shopping at Memorial City Mall in Houston Sunday.

According to the Houston Chronicle, police are still investigating what happened but a panic ensued as a result of a "disturbance" at the mall, but no weapon was found.

"Deputies working extra jobs at the mall responded to an unspecified disturbance at 3:23 p.m.," the report said. Videos showing people fleeing appeared on social media, but it isn't clear why.

According to CB radio traffic overheard, the disturbance began in the food court and police responded to "reports of possible active shooter."

"No threat has been found at this time but officers are still continuing a diligent search of the area," HPD tweeted Sunday afternoon.

After multiple mass shootings on so-called "soft targets" like shopping malls and big-box stores, Americans are on edge, fearful that their latest shopping trip could be their last. The presence of police is no longer an assurance of safety, as two shootings last week had security there, but the shooter still managed to kill several people using weapons or gun attachments that allowed for rapid-fire.

According to one witness, a man stood on a table in the food court and threatened everyone in the area, prompting people to flee.

Another conversation has begun about the problem with domestic terrorism in the United States and the unwillingness of the Senate and White House to fix the problem.

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