'Fox & Friends' host recoils after Geraldo suggests sponsoring a refugee: 'In a room next to my daughter?!'

"Fox & Friends" host Ainsley Earhardt on Friday reacted with surprise after Geraldo Rivera suggested that she do her part to help with the flood of refugees on the southern U.S. border by taking one of them into her home.

While discussing President Donald Trump's immigration policies, Rivera said that he wanted to see more Americans take asylum seekers into their homes while their cases are being processed so they don't have to stay at one of the president's infamously unsanitary internment camps.

"I want folks who feel strongly pro-immigration to sponsor some of these families," Rivera explained. "Use some of your private assets: You got a spare room, you you got a job in your little factory or little business, I want Americans now to be engaged in putting their bodies where their mouths are.

Earhardt interjected and seemed taken by back Rivera's statements.

"Geraldo, I have a spare room," she said. "I have a compassion for everyone. Everyone is God’s child. I have a little girl at home. You’re asking me to put someone I don’t know in, a stranger, in a room next to my daughter?"

Rivera explained that she did not have to accept a sexual predator in her house and could instead sponsor "a nice lady who is very smart."

Watch the video below.