Fox News is struggling to please the president: CNN analyst
Gregg Jarrett and Sean Hannity on Fox News (screengrab)

On Wednesday, CNN analyst and former Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) highlighted the tension in the Fox News editorial room that is driving President Donald Trump's increased frustration with the right-wing network.

"The president's exact words were 'Fox isn't working for us anymore,' whether that's for him and the White House or him and his followers," said anchor Jim Sciutto. "Governor Granholm, do you accept the explanation? Do you think a president has should have an expectation that Fox should cover him in a more friendly manner?"

"Of course not, I mean they are supposed to be independent news network," chuckled Granholm. "And everybody jokes whether it's the state-owned news network or whether the president owns the news network or Fox owns the president. It's not clear which, it's symbiotic."

"But what's interesting to me is that they're in a hard spot, Fox is, because their advertisers are super uncomfortable with the direction that Fox has been heading in," said Granholm. "For example, Tucker Carlson has lost 60 percent of his paid advertisers, because the advertisers are uncomfortable with his appearing to tip his hat to white nationalism. You can understand that. So, because Fox News' revenues are down, they feel like, well, they've got to be responsive to Donald Trump. But the journalists, the true journalists, are nervous about appearing to be slavishly devoted to the president rather than reporting the news."

"Just as an example, the reason why Donald Trump melted down this morning was because they had a DNC deputy communications director on who was talking about a poll, the Quinnipiac poll you guys have been covering," continued Granholm. "And the Quinnipiac poll showed that every single Democrat beats Donald Trump significantly, and that people are starting to believe that the economy is not working for them either. That caused him to flip out. So for Fox News viewers, I think they should be concerned that Fox News is bending the truth in order to serve a president, rather than serving the people who are watching them."

Despite Carlson losing advertisers, Jeff Collins, the executive vice president of advertising sales, has said that the network expects record levels of ad revenue. “Fox News is on track to deliver another record year in advertising revenue,” he said in a statement. “Advertising budgets that were impacted have been re-expressed into other programs across the network.”

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