Fox News legal analyst: Something 'was introduced' into Jeffrey Epstein's jail cell 'to facilitate his death'
Image via screengrab

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano on Monday said that something might have been "introduced" into Jeffrey Epstein's jail cell that provided him with the means to commit suicide.

Napolitano said that Epstein's suicide was an "enormous embarrassment" for Attorney General Bill Barr and the Department of Justice.

"The Bureau of Prisons works for the Justice Department," he explained. "So ultimately these people who run the Metropolitan Correctional Center, which is a 750 bed facility in lower Manhattan, where people are kept while they are waiting to be on trial... the people who run that ultimately report to the Attorney General, which is why you saw him so angry. There really doesn’t seem to be a rational explanation for how [Epstein] slipped through the cracks."

Fox News host Bill Hemmer noted that a former inmate of the prison had claimed in an anonymous New York Post article that committing suicide in the cell would have been impossible.

"The piece you talked in the Post said no belt, no shoe laces, no hooks, sheets tissue-paper thin so they couldn't possibly hold the weight of a human body if you attempted to make a noose out of the sheets," Napolitano explained.

"My interpretation was that the sheets themselves were made of paper," Hemmer said.

"Either way, the point of this person, a former mafia person -- supposedly, the Post did not identify him -- who was in that very facility said no way could these sheets hold the weight of a human. What’s that mean? That means something else was introduced into his cell to facilitate his death," Napolitano claimed.

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