GOP facing a 'political tsunami' in 2020 if they don't dump Trump now: Morning Joe panel
Joe Scarborough, Michael Steele -- screenshots

A "Morning Joe" interview with former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) -- nnounced a primary challenge against President Donald Trump -- turned into a discussion on the Republican party's prospects in 2020 if the increasingly unpopular Trump remains at the top of the ticket.

With underdog Walsh making his pitch to unseat Trump as the GOP's nominee, saying, "He's unqualified, he is unfit, he's a child, he's reckless, he's erratic, he's a narcissist, he's mean, he's cruel and he lies every time he opens his mouth," he then made the case that GOP is in big trouble.

"If he's our nominee in 2020, the Republican Party is going to get spanked because young people don't like Trump, women don't like Trump and people who live in the suburbs don't like Trump," Walsh explained. "I heard you earlier, Joe, the Republican Party right now is at a real crossroads and because of Trump they're in trouble."

"Yeah, big trouble and you can look at his numbers and you can look at the numbers in a lot of Senate races," Scarborough stated before turning to former RNC head Michael Steele.

"You have run the Republican Party before and it's looking like another political tsunami is coming the Republican Party's way if Donald Trump is at the top of the ticket," he prompted.

"Yeah, it will be very hard for the president to sustain the races beneath the presidential campaign," Steele conceded. "The House with a deficit of 30 some seats, with retirements now on top of that. The Senate, while a lot of people don't believe it's in play, with the right alignment on the Democratic side that could change."

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