‘Gun Society’: Foreign countries issue warnings to their citizens about ‘indiscriminate’ US gun violence
Man holds gun in front of US flag (Shutterstock.com)

At least six countries have warned their citizens about gun violence and mass shootings in the U.S.

Foreign countries are warning their citizens to exercise caution and avoid areas and events where large groups of people gather while in the United States, in response to America’s epidemic of deadly gun violence.

The three most recent warnings come from Japan, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Uruguay’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Monday, after a weekend of deadly domestic terror and mass shootings, warning citizens about “growing indiscriminate violence” in the U.S., as the L.A. Times reports.

“The Foreign Ministry warns compatriots traveling to the United States to take precautions against growing indiscriminate violence, mostly for hate crimes, including racism and discrimination, which cost the lives of more than 250 people in the first seven months of this year,” the travel alert reads, according to a Google translation.

“Given the impossibility of the authorities to prevent these situations, due among other factors, to the indiscriminate possession of firearms by the population, it is especially advisable to avoid places where large concentrations of people occur, such as theme parks, shopping centers, art festivals, religious activities, gastronomic fairs and any kind of cultural or sporting events. In particular, it is recommended not to go with minors to these places,” the alert warns.

It also suggests Uruguayans “avoid some cities, which are among the 20 most dangerous in the world, such as Detroit (Michigan), Baltimore (Maryland) and Albuquerque (New Mexico).”

The Times adds that the “Japanese Consul in Detroit on Sunday published an alert that said Japanese nationals ‘should be aware of the potential for gunfire incidents everywhere in the United States,’ which it described as ‘a gun society.'”

Japan, Uruguay, and Venezuela are just the latest in a list of countries warning their own citizens about traveling to the United States because of gun violence and mass shootings. France, New Zealand, and Germany have previously warned about the dangers of gun violence in America.

Researchers at the Institute for Economics and Peace create the annual Global Peace Index, which measures peacefulness in nations and regions.

Out of 163 countries, Iceland ranks number one. Afghanistan ranks last at 163. Canada ranks number 6. Honduras ranks 123. The United States ranks 128. The GPI for 2019 reports the homicide rate “in the US rose 9.7 per cent from 4.9 to 5.4. The country continues to struggle with gun violence, ranking 104 out of 163 for its homicide rate.”

The United States is the only country for which the GPI discusses gun violence.