'He's getting more panicked': Editor lays out how Trump's self-destruction could set the world on fire
MSNBC analyst Tim O'Brien is executive editor of Bloomberg Opinion.

On Tuesday's edition of MSNBC's "Deadline: White House," Bloomberg Opinion executive editor Tim O'Brien said that President Donald Trump is losing what little control he had — and getting all the more dangerous for it.

"I think he’s getting more panicked," said O'Brien. "I think — I suspect that Trump, when the Mueller investigation ended, thought that sort of existential threats to his presidency had been put to rest, and in very short order I think 'Trump the racist' became a very appropriate and damning moniker that got attached to him after Elijah Cummings, 'Trump the racist' will be part of his historical legacy. And now you have the economy starting to deteriorate a bit around the edges. Whether or not that’s going to be a recession or not, I don’t know, but there’s enough alarm bells on there for a president who has routinely attached his reputation, to a strong economy that’s a job creating economy, and markets are going bananas."

"When you start to see fraying around that, I think he’s worried, and I think he sees that gaining traction in a way he can’t control, and he can’t control the fact that he’s being labeled as a racist, and these two things are squeezing him like a vise," continued O'Brien. "And what does he do in this situation? He responds like the seven-year-old that he is."

The consequences of Trump's meltdown, O'Brien warned, could be global.

"I don’t know that he’s any worse than he has been before," he said. "But it does feel like there are, you know, quite a lot of different high-pressure problems piling up around him so, you know, there were times when it looked like, you know, Russia had him caught like a vise and — but that was kind of multiple fronts in the Mueller investigation. Now ... you have this wide diversity of huge problems, really big international issues, the trade fight with China, at the same time you have this Hong Kong issue, the economy now starting to darken."

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