High school condemns graduates for extremely racist video: 'Bring back slavery to whip them n****rs'
Young women (blurred) caught on video making racist remarks (Twitter)

An Illinois high school this week condemned two graduates who were caught saying racist remarks in a video that spread on social media.

"We hate n****rs," one woman says on the video.

"They smell, they don't work so we're going to bring back slavery to whip them n****rs," a second woman says.

"Bring back the KKK!" the second woman adds as the first woman tries to hush her.

"People like black people now," she says.

The two young women on the video appear to be drunk or high.

According to WLDS, the video was made on Snapchat and then posted to Twitter. The two women in the video were said to be graduates of Auburn High School.

In a tweet, Auburn High School condemned the behavior of the women in the video.

"The behavior of the two individuals in the video does not represent the views of our school or our community - what we teach or how we act in our school," the tweet said. "There are policies and procedures in place which will be followed for any students involved."

Watch the video below.