'I'll be darned!' Rick Perry -- who oversees US nukes -- fooled by Instagram hoax
Rick Perry (ABC News)

Energy secretary Rick Perry, who oversees the U.S. nuclear arsenal, fell for an Instagram hoax, along with several celebrities.

The poorly worded "legal" notice is similar to viral hoaxes that have circulated for years on Facebook, which owns Instagram, warning that the social media company will make all its users' photos and messages public.

Instagram isn't changing its privacy policy, according to its chief executive Adam Mosseri.

But that didn't stop Perry, the former Texas governor and President Donald Trump's secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy, from sharing the viral post late Tuesday on his own Instagram account.

Perry urged his nearly 25,000 followers to share the message, but admitted he'd been duped after other Instagram users called him out, although he hadn't removed the post early Wednesday.

"I’ll be darned!!" Perry responded to one user. "First time I’ve seen anything fake on the internet!!"

The hoax fooled other public figures, including singer Usher, soccer star Megan Rapinoe, actress Julia Roberts and music executive Scooter Braun.