According to the panel on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Donald Trump is rapidly losing the support of businesses and business-friendly chambers of commerce over his trade policies, which could doom his 2020 re-election prospects.

As the president attempts to sort out his trade disagreements with China that have roiled markets, hurt manufacturing and created chaos for America's farmers, MSNBC regular Eugene Robinson said that Trump is also crippling his plan to return to the Oval Office after 2020.

Referring to a Washington Post column where he wrote, "I could look at Trump’s unhinged performance at last weekend’s Group of Seven meeting and decide that, on balance, it is good for China for the world’s big industrialized democracies to be without effective U.S. leadership. By that reasoning, I might come back to the table and make a trade agreement — one that would surely be favorable to China, given Trump’s desperation — and boost Trump’s chances of reelection," Robinson said the president is at Xi's mercy.

Calling what Trump is doing, "economic self-immolation," Robinson added, "He's clearly hurting the U.S. economy and China's economy and to what end?"

"The self-proclaimed artist of the deal has given his adversaries enormous power of Donald Trump's own political future," he added.

According to GOP strategist Susan Del Percio, she's worried the president will make a terrible deal in order to just do something.

"People are worried he's going to cut a bad deal just to get himself out of this situation, to get the headlines out," she claimed. "We went from being Donald Trump thinking America's first, and it sounded good to farmers and other people involved in the trade wars, to America alone."

"When we have this global economic slowdown and we have these tariff wars, it's a disaster for manufacturers and farmers of this country," she added. "The chambers of commerce and business groups are not happy with this trade war. Nor are they happy with the president's immigration policies because they also need workers. "

"This is all starting to unravel for the president and, again, knowing that there are only 14 months to go before the election he may make a very bad deal that these farmers can't work themselves out of," she concluded.

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