'It's going to be very curious if there was no cameras': former prosecutor says of Epstein jail
Jeffrey Epstein (Photo: Screen cap).

Former prosecutor and CNN legal analyst Paul Callan said that it would be very "curious" if there were no cameras in the area of Jeffrey Epstein.

Both Callan and Elie Honig, former federal and state prosecutor, have seen the inside of the Manhattan jail where Epstein was kept leading up to his trial. They both agreed that the prison is filled with cameras, including hallways.

"The big question is there are lots of cameras in that facility with the exception of where lawyers meet with their clients," said Cameras. There are "video, and other cameras are around. Was there a camera in this area and was it working? We haven't heard any reports on that yet. It's going to be very curious if there was no camera working in this area. To show what happened."

Honig said that he thought "every square inch" of the jail was covered.

"There better be a video," Honig said. "If there's not, we won't even have even question one answered, which is what happened inside that cell. And there won't be any faith or credibility given to DOJ and the federal bureau prisons if there's not even that video. And just from a physical perspective, the special housing unit where he was being held is not big. It's essentially one hallway with cell on one wall. It's the size of an average dormitory hallway, straight-line down. It's not as if these cells are separate (sic) from one. You can see and hear what's going on, basically, the entire unit."

One former employee of the Bureau of Prisons cautioned that there might not be video, because people accused but not convicted of a crime are not always monitored on camera due to privacy.

The medical examiner report should be released late Sunday.

Watch Callan and Honig below: