Longtime Susan Collins voters say they'll 'never vote' for the GOP senator again -- thanks to Trump
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) -- (Photo: screenshot)

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) has regularly cruised to reelection in her state by working as a bipartisan consensus builder.

Collins' image as a moderate Republican has taken a massive hit during President Donald Trump's first term, however, and some longtime Collins voters tell Bloomberg that they are absolutely finished with her and will vote her out in 2020.

72-year-old Donna Sawyer, a longtime Collins voter from Limington, tells Bloomberg that Collins' vote for Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh was what finally pushed her over the edge.

“I’ve supported her ever since she went to Washington,” she explains. “I was extremely disappointed with the Kavanaugh vote... I will never vote for that woman again!”

69-year-old Al Mingione of Buxton, meanwhile, tells Bloomberg that he was similarly upset by the Kavanaugh vote and said he was completely tired of Republicans' inaction on gun control legislation.

“I’m tired of them doing nothing,” says Mingione, who admits he has voted for Collins several times. “How many shootings have we had?”

Collins has long been a popular figure in Maine, but her approval rating has plummeted during Trump's presidency, which has led her to hedge on whether she really wants to run for another term in the Senate.