Macron 'hit Trump where it hurts' with surprise Iran invite to G7: MSNBC analyst
CNBC editor at large John Harwood/MSNBC screen shot

Reacting to a report that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif made a surprise visit to the G7 summit, reportedly as part of a “covert invitation” from French President Emmanuel Macron, an MSNBC analyst suggested the leaking of the story was timed to get under Donald Trump's skin.

With the Washington Post reporting, "“Zarif’s arrival in Biarritz appeared to be a covert initiative by French President Emmanuel Macron, a senior European official said, and other leaders were not informed ahead of time," MSNBC political analyst John Harwood called the visit when all eyes are focused on Trump at the G7, a provocation.

Speaking with host Alex Witt, Harwood stated, "I think Emmanuel Macron was hitting Trump where it hurts by having the Iranians come for this surprise visit."

"What that was was a statement that U.S. leadership has been sidelined," he continued. "France, on behalf of partners in the G7 and taking charge of this situation, inviting someone who is not going to talk to the United States, it was a demonstration that U.S. leadership is not central to this issue and therefore President Trump is not central to this issue."

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