'Madman’: Rick Wilson warns pressures of presidency have driven Trump ‘batsh*t crazy’
Rick Wilson on HBO -- screenshot

The president is "batsh*t crazy," according to a Republican operative -- and there's apparently nothing Americans can do about that until next year's election.

Trump supporters, and much of the mainstream media, once believed the president's outrageous and outlandish remarks were part of some psychological strategy to "own the libs," wrote GOP strategist Rick Wilson for The Daily Beast, but "only idiots and zealots believe that now."

"The howling vacuum of need within Trump's soul had already distorted every normal human emotion for decades, but now the stress of the presidency and the realities of his lasting failures have pushed him closer to a very public mental breakdown," Wilson wrote.

Trump could paper over his failures as a celebrity businessman, but the presidency is different.

"His rising mania and rage come from the sure knowledge that history’s cold, brutal eye will allow no later revision, no long-term rethinking of his legacy, or even wry nostalgia over the grim era in which he presides," Wilson wrote. "His failures, cruelty, caprice, corruption, and hairstyling tips will be graven in stone as a warning to future Americans."

"This isn’t madman theory," he added. "This is just a mad man."