Morning Joe busts Trump for the reasons behind his blizzard of 'nonsense' tweets from the G7
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

"Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough had a simple explanation for Donald Trump's seemingly endless flurry of tweets over the weekend while attending the G7 summit in France, saying it was a "smokescreen" to cover his bigger problems.

Speaking with columnist David Ignatius, the MSNBC host called out the president and said he was randomly tweeting about any topic he could come up with because he was trying to distract Americans from his failed trade war with China, which blew up spectacularly on Friday.

With Ignatius admitting Trump is fearful of a "continuing market hemorrhage," host Scarborough said it was because the president was getting outplayed by China.

"Donald Trump blinks and he keeps blinking," Scarborough offered. "This is something you could see coming on Friday when the president exploded and, after exploding, he ordered companies out of China. He then claimed that he had authority to do that under the law and cited the law going into Saturday morning. But again, what really concerned him was the fact that of course he never thinks ahead and that is a problem with a day trader."

"So now we have the president who's gotten us out on the cliff economically with tariffs and tariff taxes and he's going to have to crawl on his hands and knees to China to get out of this crisis he created," he added before turning to Trump's tweets.

"All weekend, people around here, at least, Mika and I and our friends, were talking about the crazy tweets that Donald Trump was sending out and the random tweets," Scarborough recalled. "The happy birthdays to Regis [Philbin] and Sean Connery and all of the distractions."

"I have been talking to all of the G7 leaders and they're all saying why is America so great but why is the press the enemy of the people?" Scarborough mock-quoted one of Trump's tweets. "I mean, this is just absolute nonsense. It was so obviously a smokescreen and this all came back to China getting the best of him. It all came back to the damage he's causing to America and the world economy with tariffs."

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