Morning Joe hilariously burns down Trump for 'fat-shaming' a rally protester: 'I'm not sure that's where I would go'
Joe Scarborough -- screenshot

MSNBC's 'Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough returned on Friday and immediately jumped all over Donald Trump for comments he made at his New Hampshire rally on Thursday night where he labeled a protester as "overweight" as he was being escorted out by security.

Sharing a clip from the rally, Scarborough smirked at the obvious problem -- among other things -- of Trump fat-shaming another person.

"My question is this," Scarborough began while speaking to Morning Joe regular Wille Geist. "If we were not a show built on love, would we not point out that the guy fat-shaming somebody in the audience probably a lot closer to 300 pounds than what [White House] Dr. Ronnie Jackson would want the rest of us to think?"

"You might say something like that," Geist replied. " He does have a weird obsession when he insults people with obviously cosmetic obsession. but particularly with weight. Remember he thought perhaps the people hacking into our election system putting Facebook ads up was a 400-pound guy on his bed in New Jersey. He's got that -- that seems to be top of mind when he's insulting people."

"Yeah, I just don't know if that was where I'd go if I were Trump," Scarborough replied with a smile on his face.

Watch below: