Morning Joe panel burns down ‘toady’ Tom Cotton for sucking up to 'emasculated' Trump
Joe Scarborough and Tom Cotton (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and John Heilemann blasted Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and other Republican "toadies" for sucking up to President Donald Trump instead of calling out his clearly "unmoored" behavior overseas.

The "Morning Joe" host was appalled by the president's conduct during the G7 summit, and Heilemann agreed Trump showed the U.S. was no longer the leader of the free world, and they asked why Republicans were working to prop up his bizarre statements instead of condemning them.

"His performance this weekend was just extraordinarily unmoored -- worse than ever," Scarborough said. "I think everybody agrees Donald Trump is getting worse."

Trump on Friday impotently ordered U.S. companies to cease their business with China, and the following day claimed legal authority to do it, and things only flew further off the rails after leaving for France.

"Bizarre statements through the weekend, a bizarre defense of Vladimir Putin -- just a bizarre obsession," Scarborough said. "It's really sad and emasculating that Donald Trump is so obsessed with Barack Obama. It makes him look so, so small but that obsession continued as he attacked a former president while defending an ex-KGB agent."

After insisting that Putin had outsmarted Obama on Crimea, the president reportedly begged other G7 leaders to let Russia back into the group, before promoting his own golf course as the site for next year's meeting.

"What are our allies to think of it, and how in the hell can Republicans watch him promoting Doral on the world stage, a property that is collapsing, and to little more write op-eds than saying about Donald Trump is right about purchasing Greenland?" Scarborough said, singling out Cotton.

Heilemann agreed, saying Cotton was "sucking up" to Trump for a bizarre suggestion last week despite his alarming behavior this weekend.

"I believe the words are sycophantic toady," Heilemann said. "But look, the thing to focus on, because Trump's performance was quintessentially Trump and the Republican reaction is quintessentially Republican, in the sense they ignore what he's doing. They suck up to him. They have given up any pretense of having a position that's not completely in his pocket."