MSNBC's Morning Joe shames Trump's corporate enablers: 'They don't care about the racism'
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough shamed Republicans and their corporate backers for enabling President Donald Trump's "hateful language" to inspire violent action.

A white supremacist gunman who expressed support for the president targeted Latinos when he opened fire outside a Walmart store in El Paso, killing at least 20 and wounding 26 others, and hours later another gunman killed nine and wounded 27 people -- and the "Morning Joe" host blamed the president.

"We could this morning show clips of the president of the United States inciting violence at his rallies," Scarborough said, "talking about beating the hell out of people. talking about paying anybody that beats the hell out of somebody, talking about assassinating Hillary Clinton with what he called 'Second Amendment solutions' to her appointing federal judges. We can go down the long laundry list."

"We could also go down a long laundry list of what he said about immigrants," he added, "again, calling Hispanics breeders, calling Mexicans rapists, calling women of Congress who opposed his policies un-American, just saying that they should go back home. That is a nazi sort of chant, it's what the Nazis said and thought about Jews and gypsies. We saw it spill into go back home, send her home."

Scarborough said the president had inspired multiple acts of violence and other threats, and he said it takes willful ignorance to deny it.

"It doesn't take a great imagination," he said, "in fact, it takes a great deal of denial on the part of any Donald Trump supporter not to hear this continued hateful language, to not hear the continued warnings from people saying this will lead to violence, and then to try to pretend that what happened in El Paso wasn't connected directly to the hate speech of Donald J. Trump."

Scarborough shamed the president's enablers for ignoring the obvious warnings.

"The president's rhetoric it's raised concerns in real time about the violence that it could engender," he said. "Every time he has ignored one warning after another, and also I think this is even more important. His Republican allies on the Hill also corporations that are supporting Donald Trump's re-election, also businesspeople who are supporting Donald Trump's re-election because they might like a tax cut, but they don't care about the racism, they don't care about the white supremacy, they don't care about what the man who they're writing checks for in corporations, who they're writing checks for, CEOs of companies, whose PACs are giving to Donald Trump because they might like a tax cut, they've remained silent, as well."

"They're allowing his rise, they're working hard for his re-election," Scarborough added, "despite his white supremacy, despite his violent rhetoric, and despite that violent rhetoric going back to the start of the president's campaign four years ago."