'Not only wrong but crazy': MSNBC panelists recoil in horror from Trump's 'abnormal' views on foreign policy
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

President Donald Trump made a number of puzzling and bizarre statements Tuesday about U.S. foreign policy, and panelists on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" were aghast.

The president canceled a tip to Denmark after its prime minister refused to entertain his offer to buy Greenland, offered a stunningly vapid assessment of the situation in Kashmir, and reiterated his interest in seeing Russia rejoin the G7.

"You can really understand in retrospect why Gen. (James) Mattis just quit (as defense secretary)," said MSNBC analyst Mike Barnacle. "He had to leave. You cannot be surrounded by such abnormalities coming out of the mouth of the president of the United States on a consistent, daily, multiple-times-a-day basis. We cannot make it normal, but there's a new normalcy when you see the president multiple times a day saying things that are absolutely, not only wrong, but crazy."

Host Joe Scarborough asked Barnacle if he remembered what Kevin McCarthy, now the House Republican minority leader, said about Trump's relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin back in 2016 in a secret recording.

"He warned others that he believed strongly that Donald Trump had been bought off, had been paid off, along with (former Rep.) Dana Rohrbacker, by the Russian government," Scarborough said.

Barnacle did recall McCarthy's remarks, and expressed alarm at Trump pushing for Russia to return to the G7, as well as inviting them into Syria and Afghanistan, despite its attacks on U.S. democracy.

"There's only two people, probably on earth, who know why he says these things about Russia," Barnacle said. "One of them is Vladimir Putin, and the other is Donald Trump. There is something there, there is something always there when we talks about Russia."