'Real tinfoil hat stuff': Trump biographer reveals 'magical happyland' president invented to justify conspiracy theories
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston (screengrab)

On Monday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," Pulitzer Prize-winning Trump biographer David Cay Johnston laid into the president for suggesting that the Clintons had hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein murdered in his prison cell.

"This is a magical happyland that Donald lives in," said Johnston. "The Clintons apparently can reach into the Trump administration-run jail to have somebody killed, but they couldn't fix the election to make sure that Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump. I mean, it's just absurd on its face."

"Donald has been relying on conspiracy theories his whole life," continued Johnston. "They are a way for him to explain things he doesn't understand, because he's appallingly ignorant and doesn't learn things. And keep in mind, Donald has been found by a federal judge to have engaged in a conspiracy to cheat workers out of pay. I've written about the mystery of the missing Manhattan sewage, where somehow in Manhattan, when Donald Trump needed to show less sewage in the system than was there for a building permit he wanted, 25 million gallons a day just disappeared from the records. And the only person who benefited from that was Donald Trump."

"So this is somebody who engages in conspiracies. And everywhere he can't explain something or he sees a political advantage, it's somebody else's conspiracy," said Johnston. "It's real tinfoil hat stuff."

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