Rick Wilson blasts 'soft-handed manbaby' Trump: 'He's never taken a punch or given one'
Rick Wilson and Anderson Cooper (Image via screengrab)

On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," Republican strategist and Never Trump conservative Rick Wilson blasted President Donald Trump for his petty feud with former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci

"I think Anthony gambled, went all-in on Trump," said Wilson. "He spent the last year and a half trying to find a way back into a sense of having Trump's ear and of course, once Trump shanked him, he was shanked. He was done. He was bleeding out on the floor never going to come back."

"Is it putting your finger up in the wind? I don't know," said Wilson. "But as Anthony found, the shocking revelation that Donald Trump is a faithless person in every dimension, the guy cheated or shanked every person in his life, wives, contractors, business partners, clients, the country and so the shocking revelation Trump is a bad dude, maybe Anthony isn't that quick. There is no coming back after this guy puts you in the dirt and after you committed everything to him, you're going to get screwed over."

"You know, it's ironic, Anderson, because I looked at Fox clips from when Anthony was named as communications director, and they thought he was the greatest thing since spicy mustard. They thought it would be an amazing change. He's an unperson."

"Unperson," chortled Cooper.

"My guess is Scaramucci is the only one that's actually been in a fight," added Wilson. "I doubt President Trump has ever, you know, hit anybody, I don't know if Anthony Scaramucci has. My money would be on — if I had to hide behind someone in a fight, I would hide behind Anthony Scaramucci. Donald Trump is a soft-handed manbaby. He's never taken a punch."

Watch below: