'No idea she's privileged': Ivanka's friends say she believes she's worked hard for all she has
Ivanka Trump surrounded by world leaders (MSNBC)

A long profile on Ivanka Trump appeared in New York Magazine that called out the president's eldest daughter for being just as self-obsessed as her father.

According to friends of Trump, she initially tried to promote issues like climate change and women's rights. Her father doesn't listen, so she simply stopped trying.

"I have no control over him," Trump has told friends behind the scenes. “I can’t believe people think I can control him.” She's even confided to friends, “My father has never listened to me about — anything!”

Described as a "chauvinist," by NYM, they explained that the president will call her "Baby" in meetings with leaders.

"And while she tries to remain in a narcissistic cocoon — on Instagram, she follows not one, not two, but 35 fan accounts, flooding her feed with love — she must also have regrets," NYM wrote.

“She has a bitterness she never had before,” a friend confessed. “You see it in her eyes and in her brow. She has a sense of spite.”

The piece says that she's become "more aggressive about taking what she may believe is rightfully hers." The examples are a security clearance she didn't qualify for and use of a personal email server after blasting Hillary Clinton for doing the same. Then there's the matter of using her position to score Chinese trademarks for her business and renting a mansion in Washington, D.C. "from a Chilean businessman who then received permission to mine near a previously protected area of Minnesota."

It's unknown just how many deals she's scored abroad for herself. The only way of knowing is by looking at Israeli, Chinese and Saudi intelligence spying on Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner.

Trump tried to make her own way, going to Georgetown University at first. She then was forced to transfer to her father's school, the University of Pennsylvania. She tried to work for another real-estate developer, Forest City Ratner, but she only lasted a year before she went to work for her father.

"Ivanka always has to prove to herself that she’s gotten ahead on her own without her father," a friend said. “She really has no idea she’s privileged. She genuinely thinks she’s earned everything she has. She goes on and on all the time about how hard she works.”

NYM asked if she really actually works all that hard.

"Sure, but she works hard the same way everyone works in New York — she still goes to the gym and meets friends for dinner," the friend said.

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