'So he's corrupt and stupid': MSNBC analyst nails 'ignorance, corruption, selfishness and greed' of Trump's wall pardons
University Professor Eddie Glaude (Photo: Screen capture)

Princeton University Prof. Eddie Glaude called out President Donald Trump's corruption and stupidity for telling his staff to break the law to get his wall built. He promised that he would simply pardon them if they were charged. Meanwhile, Trump is also embracing "the swamp," by telling the Army Corps of Engineers to award contracts to one of his top Republican donors.

During an MSNBC panel discussion, the panel noted that Trump is in a tough spot because he promised his. supporters that he would build a wall. The reality, however, is that Trump was only able to secure enough funding to build about one foot of additional fencing.

Host Nicolle Wallace noted that the report revealed that most of the people on the border are farmers and seizing land from farmers illegally isn't exactly the way for the president to win in 2020.

"It also reveals the high and lows in Trump’s mind," she said Tuesday. "The high-tech crime being, engage in criminal conduct, seize land — they're must farmers around the border, seize land from farmers illegally and I will pardon you from the federal crimes involved. There may be Texas laws broken too or other border states. But then there's also the low-brown Trump and the, 'make it black and shiny and spiky and pretty."

"Yeah, so he’s corrupt and stupid," said Glaude. "To be honest with you. There’s a level of shallowness here that is evidenced. We know he has no curiosity whatsoever. We know he revels in his innocence and that why he thinks he can rely on his gut. We know he's out of his depth in every room, every crowd, every space he happens to step into and he’s willing to break any law to pursue his own agenda."

Glaude said that Trump's combination of ignorance, corruption, selfishness and greed will ultimately be a deadly combination for America's democracy.

"I said this on the show before, what’s so unsettling about it, Nicolle, is it goes to the heart — it goes to the heart of undermining our democracy," Glaude continued. "And the question for us is what are we going to do? What are the civil servants doing? They’re afraid to get fired? Are they just going to execute Stephen Miller's and President Trump’s orders? What are we doing to stop it because we do know it’s corrupt, it’s in some instances criminal, and in other instances it’s ignorant. We can go down the line. So, when I read it, I actually shuddered."

Watch the full clip below: