Soledad O’Brien owns Texas GOPer for whitewashing mass shooting: ‘The shooter is quoting the president’
Soledad O'Brien speaks to CBS News (screen grab)

Responding to a tweet From Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), who attempted to put some distance between the El Paso shooter and President Donald Trump, journalist Soledad O'Brien shut the Republican down with one irrefutable fact about the anti-Mexican white terrorist.

According to Cornyn, an avid Trump defender, "I spent some of my early years growing up in El Paso The “manifesto” published by the shooter revealed his intent to sow ethnic divisions in this community, our state and nation. His twisted vision will not succeed. #ElPasoStrong "

O'Brien wasn't having it, firing back on Twitter: "The shooter is quoting the President of the United States."

The point was brought him even harder after another commenter reposted an old Cornyn tweet noting the growing Hispanic population of Texas --- a major concern of the El Paso shooter.

You can see the tweets below: