'Sugar highs are temporary': Robert Reich warns Trump's economic policy is 'extremely dangerous' and could crash everything
Robert Reich (Image credit: MSNBC)

On Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's "The Beat," former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich warned anchor Ari Melber that President Donald Trump's "extremely dangerous" economic agenda could finally end the "sugar high" of the stock market and send America into a tailspin.

"I think there are two big issues here," said Reich. "He did not contribute to the fact that it's a very, very long recovery. Long in the tooth. You get to nine or ten years and you're almost definitely going to have a recession. But what he contributed to is, number one, this huge tax cut that was kind of steroidal lift, it was kind of a sugar high for the entire stock market that could not go on. It was temporary. Sugar highs are temporary."

"The second thing is China," said Reich. "This trade war with China, not only is there no strategy, but it also is extremely dangerous. This is the largest and second-largest economies in the entire world. And to have them going at each other is dangerous for the whole world economy."

"This is the most unfocused president," added Reich. "This is a president who not only doesn't know details, but he lies about the details he does know. No, there's not going to be any focus. There's no economic strategy. There's nobody around him capable of even advising him and having him listen to on economic strategy."

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