'There's a big storm coming': Former GOP congressman warns Trump the economy is headed for disaster
Mark Sanford/Screenshot

On Wednesday, CNN reported that former Congressman Mark Sanford (R-SC) released a campaign-style video warning President Donald Trump that America is heading for disaster.

"There's a big storm coming," Sanford said in the video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday. America, he said, is "in the most precarious financial position" and "not dealing with it could crush our economy, it could wipe out whatever we've saved, it could even destroy our republic."

Sanford's warning about deficits and the economy comes as experts are increasingly worried that Trump's trade war could cause a recession by next year.

It is the latest move suggesting Sanford, who was ousted from his congressional seat in a primary last year amid anger over his personal scandals and insufficient loyalty to President Donald Trump, is leaning toward a primary challenge against the president — which would be almost certain to fail, but is in itself a sign of Trump's potential weakness as an incumbent.

Watch below: