‘There’s nothing I’m giving up’: Sean Spicer works for pro-Trump PAC and will not curtail his duties while on DWTS
Sean Spicer speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer will be a “star” on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars this season – much to the chagrin of many who expressed outrage this week – but what the announcement on “Good Morning America” didn’t mention is Spicer isn’t giving up his day job – not for a minute.

Spicer is the number three person at America First Action, a pro-Trump PAC headed by former Trump White House cabinet member Linda McMahon. He serves as the political action committee’s Senior Advisor and Spokesman.  The organization claims America was “held hostage” by an Obama administration that “sold, piece by piece…our hopes, dreams and values.”

Spicer also runs his own political consulting firm called RigWil.

He will continue to perform his function as the face of both companies, and as he told The Hollywood Reporter he’s not giving up anything.

“There’s nothing I’m stopping or giving up,” Spicer said, noting that ABC is “well aware of my job and what my companies do.”

THR notes Spicer “says he’s not restricted from political activity during his time on Dancing With the Stars.”

Spicer says, “I hope it will be a politics-free zone.”

The new season starts in mid-September, which puts Spicer in the unique position of being able to fundraise and advocate in support of re-electing Trump while his mere presence on TV – he is remembered as the face of the Trump administration – will effectively be a free “plug” for the Trump campaign.

In related and similar news, Fox News today hired former Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a political contributor.