'This is the Titanic, it's already hit the rock and it's sinking': MSNBC pundit says of Trump's recent polling
Jason Johnson on CNN/Screenshot

The Republican Party is going to need every dime it is raising to re-elect President Donald Trump because if the election was held today, he'd lose.

Jason Johnson, editor of "The Root," explained during an MSNBC panel discussion Tuesday that things aren't looking good for the president's numbers. Since 2016, Trump has lost three points with men, 19 percentage points with women, 19 with white Americans without a college degree and 23 percent with Independent voters. That's the ball game.

In 2016, Trump won Wisconsin by 0.77 percent; he won Michigan by 0.23 percent and 0.72 percent in Pennsylvania. As Johnson explained, there's nothing that the national Republican Party and the Trump campaign can do to win except hope a foreign government hacks the election.

"You can't. This is the Titanic. It's already hit the rock, which is Trump's own behavior and policy, and now it's sinking," Johnson explained. "Does it mean it's going to sink completely underground by the time we get to 2020 and the election? I don't know. But any president, very rarely does a president increase their vote share the second time around."

During the 2016 campaign, Trump tried to pitch undecided voters and voters of color with the phrase, "what do you have to lose." Americans now know exactly what they have to lose and it came with the Republican tax cuts.

"So, he's not going to be able to really fix these numbers," Johnson explained. "All he can hope to do is run against a Democrat who he can drag down as well. I've been saying this all along: Donald Trump is not likely to be lucky enough to run against Hillary Clinton again. He's not going to run against someone who has a 30-year history of being attacked and having a sort of acrimonious relationship with the press."

He explained that typically the idea of running against a "generic" Democrat on the ballot doesn't say anything. The problem is, generic Democrats are the only ones on the ballot.

"He's got nothing but generic people he's running against next year. None of them are going to create the kind of anger elicited toward Hillary Clinton," Johnson said. "He is actually in trouble for once. And if the economy goes down, he’s in serious trouble."

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