Trump campaign official bizarrely compares president to Mother Teresa: 'Who has done more for women?'
Tana Goertz (Twitter/CBS News)

A former "Apprentice" contestant-turned-Iowa campaign official compared President Donald Trump to Mother Teresa.

Tana Goertz, the key primary state's Trump Team coordinator, claimed the president had done more for women than possibly anyone else in history than the sainted Calcutta nun, reported CBS News.

"There's not a person alive that literally has done so much for a female, for the female population," Goertz said. "I can't think of one person that I could go, except for Mother Teresa. I mean, literally, who has done more for women in office than Donald Trump?"

Goertz, a contestant on the third season of Trump's NBC reality show, said the president would boost the election chances of other Republicans running in next year's election, after last year's midterm losses for the GOP.

"If Donald Trump was running, we would have never lost anything," Goertz said. "There's different candidates running that don't have the power that Donald Trump has, and the pull."