Trump has at least 22 things he needs to apologize to America for  -- and those only involve his racism: ex-RNC spokesperson
President Donald Trump. (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

In a harsh and uncompromising column for the conservative Bulwark, a former spokesperson for the Republican National Committee said Donald Trump has a lot to apologize for -- and he has a list that the president can start with.

According to Tim Miller, who also served as a spokesperson for former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL), "There are no magic words that a president can offer to bring back those who have been lost to senseless tragedies or end the mass violence that is haunting our land. There are no magic words that can suture the cultural fissures that have deepened in the past few years."

The conservative said it doesn't matter anyway, because the president is Donald Trump and he is responsible for those "fissures."

Addressing Trump's plan to speak on gun violence, Miller writes, "Donald Trump has failed miserably on that front to date—recall his 'joke' following the Tree of Life synagogue shooting that he should cancel his remarks because of a 'bad hair day.' But the heinous acts of gun violence in El Paso and Dayton this weekend—the former being an explicit white supremacist terror attack targeting Hispanics—present him an opportunity to do so."

According to Miller, Trump has much to answer for while he is at it and he provided 22 specific topics or incidents that require a presidential apology -- and those only have to do with his racist rhetoric.

A sampling below:

  • I’m sorry for my role in stoking racial divisions in this country.
  • I’m sorry for launching my presidential campaign on the backs of Mexican immigrants, claiming that many are rapists and murderers.
  • I’m sorry for leading rage-filled rallies that stir up animus against my political foes and people of color.
  • I’m sorry I spent a week winking and nodding at white nationalists after they killed an innocent woman in Charlottesville.
  • I’m sorry that I said that we should have fewer immigrants from “shithole countries” and more from Norway.
  • I’m sorry for telling four minority women duly elected to serve in Congress that they should go back to where they came from.


  • Most of all I’m sorry for calling people who are coming to America for a better life for their family, as so many of our ancestors did, invaders and worse. If anyone who heard these words took them to mean that these people are attacking us or are our enemies I want you to hear from me that these are human beings who deserve our love and compassion, not our hatred.

You can read the entire list here.