Trump has now humiliated his own ambassador to Denmark twice in just one day
Carla Sands, United States Ambassador to Denmark

President Donald Trump's statements about the Danish government over the past 24 hours have made things awkward for Carla Sands, the former soap opera actress and chiropractor whom the president appointed to be America's ambassador to Denmark.

On Tuesday, Sands sent out a tweet that hyped up the president's scheduled visit to Denmark -- only to have the president announce on Twitter that he was canceling the event just hours later because the country's prime minister would not entertain his pitch to sell Greenland to the United States.

In the wake of this diplomatic debacle, Sands put out another tweet emphasizing the deep respect that the president had for Denmark and its government.

"POTUS values and respects Denmark and looks forward to a visit in the future to discuss the many important issues in our strong bilateral relationship!" she wrote. "Great friends and Allies like [the United States] and [Denmark] should be able to discuss all issues openly and candidly."

Unfortunately for Sands, Trump undercut her message again when he ranted to reporters about how poorly Denmark had treated him.

“I thought the prime minister’s statement that [buying Greenland] was an ‘absurd idea’ was nasty,” Trump fumed during lengthy 40-minute rant in front of reporters. “I thought it was an inappropriate statement. All she had to do was say, ‘No we wouldn’t be interested!’ We can’t treat the United States of America the way they treated us under President Obama. I thought it was a very not nice way of saying something.”