Trump living in fear that Westerhout could reveal 'sensitive' details of Oval Office chaos in tell-all book: MSNBC guest
Madeleine Westerhout (R) had been Donald Trump's personal assistance since the beginning of his presidency. (AFP/File / TIMOTHY A. CLARY)

On MSNBC Saturday, Democratic strategist Alana Beverly highlighted why she believes President Donald Trump appeared to threaten fired Director of Oval Office Operations Madeleine Westerhout, tweeting that she has a "fully enforceable confidentiality agreement." Specifically, she argued, Trump fears that everything she knows about the Trump White House could find its way into the next tell-all book on his administration.

"Alana, first to you," said anchor Alex Witt. "Is the president's tweet — is it veiled as a threat to Westerhout, and if so, why would he put that out there?"

"Absolutely, Alex," said Beverly. "I think it is a veiled threat. I think that this is an environment, really, of his own creation if you think about it. I worked in the Obama administration, in the White House, with people who I'm honored to call friends, who worked as aides to the president, who would never have been in this type of situation, where they would speak against the First Family on or off the record with media."

"But part of the reason why this is a veiled threat, Alex, is because he knows that Westerhout has very sensitive information about him, knows personal information about him and the way that he's operating in this White House," said Beverly. "But again, he is the leaker-in-chief. He is the one that's created a caustic environment in the White House, and the one who would leak confidential information left and right. It is no surprise that he has engendered staff that would do the same."

"And you're suggesting, Alana, that he's suggesting, 'hey, you better not think about writing some tell-all'?" asked Witt.

"Absolutely," said Beverly. "We have Omarosa with 'Unhinged,' we have folks in the White House who would leak his schedule. He knows that a tell-all might be coming."

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