Trump-loving game show host sets off a tsunami of mockery by claiming ‘racism has nothing to do with race’

Chuck Woolery, who formerly hosted TV gameshows such as "Love Connection," "Scrabble," and "The Dating Game," has reinvented himself as one of the most vocal pro-Trump voices on Twitter. His observations generate their fair share of backlash and mockery, and a tweet he fired off this Monday was no exception.

According to Woolery, racism is a concept dreamed up by the "Progressive Left" for "attention."

"RACISM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE," Woolery tweeted. "Racism is the Progressive Left crying out for attention. If you disagree with the ProgressiveLeft. They consider you a Racist. They are desperate to hold on to the Black Vote."

In the comment thread that opened up beneath the tweet, people took issue with Woolery's questionable take on the origins of racism in America.

Last month, Woolery tweeted out another questionable take on the history of racism, suggesting that the phenomenon didn't exist until Barack Obama was elected president.

“Obama, ‘There is not a white America, Black America, Asian America, there is only Americans,'" Woolery wrote, quoting the former president. "Then he was elected and divided everyone by the color of their skin and ideology. If you don’t know this, you’re not paying attention."