Trump recycles weeks-old attacks on MSNBC host he called 'crazy' and 'psycho'
Mika Brzezinski and Donald Trump

President Donald Trump went after MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski in his first tweet on Sunday.

Trump spent most of Saturday spreading conspiracy theories about the death of Jeffrey Epstein, before leaving to go golfing for two weeks.

"So funny to watch Little Donny Deutsch on TV with his own failing show," Trump began his thread. "When I did The Apprentice, Donny would call me (along with @ErinBurnett & others) and BEG to be on that VERY successful show. He had the TV 'bug' & I would let him come on though he (& Erin) had very little TV talent. Then, during the 2016 Election, I would watch as Joe Scarborough & his very angry Psycho wife(?) would push Donny to the point of total humiliation. He would never fight back because he wanted to stay on TV, even on a very low rated show, all in the name of ambition!"

Trump's attack was on the female host of "Morning Joe," who worked on the show for over ten years before she married her co-host. Brzezinski served as a CBS News correspondent who served as the network's principal reporter on the ground after the Sept. 11 attacks. It's unclear why Trump could not remember her name.

This isn't the first time Trump has gone after Brzezinski. Two weeks ago he called the co-host "psycho" and waged a war against the two hosts after he was elected in 2016.

“Finally this morning, time for final thoughts,” Brzezinski said as a response two weeks ago. “It’s interesting, over the past couple of days, as Joe (Scarborough) and I have been speaking out in support of Elijah Cummings, we’ve heard a lot from Trump supporters and Trump support groups that we didn’t disclose that Elijah married us at the National Archives in Washington last November.”

Trump also blasted host Donny Deutsch, who appears as a commentator and fills in for other hosts from time to time. He also has his own show that appears on Saturday evenings at 8 p.m. EST. It has been on the air for two months. Deutsch has heavily attacked Trump over the years, most recently saying that any Trump supporter owns the bloodshed on mass shootings, because the president refuses to act to stop them.